Admission Requirements – Students applying for admission must:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Supply a high school diploma, GED, or college transcript
  • Have a valid drivers licensed or personal identification.
  • Submit a signed enrollment agreement with THREE letters of reference.

Please note: references must be from employers, teachers, school administrators or church administrators.

  • Submit a signed physician’s statement approving enrollment in the program.
  • Student Insurance Application
  • Submit a negative TB skin test.

Tuition and Fees:

  • Cost and Fees: $5,000-$5,800.00
  • Course fees include tuition, books =$5,000- $5,800.00
  • Course fees do not include Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy or Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards testing fees or student insurance. Payments are accepted via cashiers or personal check or Visa/MasterCard.
  • Students may select from one of the following methods of payment:
  • Payment Plan #1: $5000.00
  • Pay in full receive $800 discount = $5,000.00
  • Cost must be paid in full one week before the first day of class to receive discount.
  • Payment Plan #2: $5,400.00
  • $2400.00 due one week before the first day of class receive $400 discount = $5,400.00
  • $266.66.00 per month for remaining term
  • Payment Plan #3: $5,800.00
  • $1000.00 Due one week before the first day of class
  • $533.33 Per month for remaining term
  • Payment Plan #4: $5,800 in 9mths
  • $500.00 due one week before the first day of class
  • $588.88 per month for 8 mths
  • Payments are due by the first of the month.
  • Delinquent payment(s) will result in the student NOT being admitted to class.
  • All fees and payments must be paid in full before transcripts or diplomas will be awarded.
  • Payments may be adjusted to fit individual needs

Refund Schedule:

  • ACOMT policy to refund tuition according to the following schedule; (A withdraw fee of $250 will be charged)
  • 100% Refund ~ Before start of school
  • 75% Refund ~ Within 7 days of start of school
  • 50% Refund ~ Within 14 days of start of school
  • 25% Refund ~ Within 21 days of start of school
  • After 21 days no refund will be issued. All unpaid debts will be handled by a collection agency. No transcript or diploma will be awarded until all financial responsibilities have been met.

Transfer Students and/or Credits:

The student must supply a certified transcript from the previous school. The director and appropriate administrative staff on a case-by-case basis determine transfer of credit for courses completed at other massage schools. Evaluated factors include: previously attended school?s program certification, the course syllabus, grade achieved by student and the length of time intervening.

Student Insurance fee:

  • Application fee for student liability insurance is $45.

Licensing fees:

As stated by Arkansas State Law; a person must be licensed by the State of Arkansas before he or she can legally practice massage therapy in Arkansas. The cost of the written law exam and registration fee is $100. The cost of bi-annual state license renewal is $80. The cost of Arkansas State Police Background check is $25.The cost for the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards certification exam is $195. Total licensing and testing fees: $400.00 (Fees are subject to change.)


In accordance to each students start/end date; Students must complete a minimum of 500 in-class clock hours to complete this program. This program consists of 5 separate courses each consisting of 102 hrs of instruction. The following  pertains to each of these 5 courses separately.

  • Students are required to be punctual, alert (sitting up with active participation) and prepared for all classes.
  • Any missed time will be made up on Saturday or Sunday. These hours may be made up in the student clinic and or attending off campus events.
  • After missing 6 hours of any one course, the student will be required to have a conference with the Director to develop an acceptable plan for making up the missed class hours.
  • After missing 18 hours of any one course, the student may be required to repeat the course.
  • If the student is unable to comply with the attendance policy, including being alert and prepared, then the student may be dismissed.
  • Each situation will be evaluated on an individual basis at the discretion of the ACOMT Director.
  • Students are responsible for all information covered during any absences and must make up all time missed for any absence.
  • Students may be required to learn specific course material by attending another class in order to avoid an incomplete grade. Students will not graduate with an incomplete grade. All missed tests must be taken at a time convenient to the instructor or the ACOMT administration staff.


In accordance to each students start/end date; Students must complete a minimum of 500 in-class clock hours to complete this program. This program consists of 5 separate courses each consisting of 102 hrs of instruction. The following criteria pertain to each of these 5 courses separately.

  • Be prepared to start class on time.
  • Students are considered tardy if they arrive at any point past the scheduled starting time.
  • All tardy time will be counted toward the 18 hours per course maximum.
  • All tardy time must be made up

Evaluation System and Academic Standards:

Students must maintain a 75% pass rate on all written and practical examinations and quizzes in order to pass a course. Class attendance, participation, quizzes, exams, labs and observation of massage technique all determine acceptable performance in a course.

Grades are determined in the following manner:

  • 90-100 – A
  • 80-89 – B
  • 75-80 – C

Any grade below 75% is considered a non-passing grade. Students who make below 75% on any course evaluation will be required to re-test within two weeks.

Completion Requirement:

Students will be awarded a diploma and transcript after successful completion of a minimum of 650 clock hours of coursework and fulfillment of all financial agreements.

Behavior and Conduct:

Students are expected to maintain high standards of academic and personal character, including treating all staff of ACOMT and other students with respect.

Conditions for Dismissal – Students may be dismissed from the program for:

  • Presenting misleading information to ACOMT;
  • Unlawful possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs and/or alcohol on school premises or in connection with any school event;
  • Behavior that may be harmful to the learning environment or reputation of the ACOMT;
  • Unprofessional dress, hygiene or conduct;
  • Promoting the practice of massage therapy unprofessionally;
  • Excessive tardiness or absences from class;
  • Two consecutive missed tuition payments (students can be reinstated once tuition is current. Students will be responsible for making up missed hours and paying make-up fees if applicable.)


Students who have been dismissed from the ACOMT may be re-admitted on an individual review basis at the discretion of the ACOMT administration.

Leave of Absence:

Current students may request, in writing, a leave of absence for up to one year. In order for the student to be eligible to return to the program, all tuition must be paid in full or be up-to-date, based on the financial agreement. The student retains hours previously earned in the program unless the time limit for re-admittance has been exceeded.

Withdrawal Policy:

Students who request to withdraw from the program will not be eligible to re-enter. Tuition refund policies are stated previously in this catalogue. Students can also be withdrawn by dismissal, as discussed under the section, ?Conditions for Dismissal.?

Dress Code:

SCRUBS are required for all classes, class activities and labs. Students are required to dress like a professional massage therapist. Clothing must project a neat, well-groomed and polished professional appearance. Certain piercings may be asked to be removed during class and clinic hrs. Students should not wear jewelry, including watches, rings and bracelets, during hands-on training. Clothing should not restrict your movement and should not hang so that it drags against clients. Footwear should be closed toe, clean and comfortable.

Students may enroll in class at the beginning of each month