Professional Clinic Times & Services

Our professional therapist are willing and able to help you relax, and “help you help yourself stay out of pain”.

Your well being is important to us. You can request your massage to be tailored to relaxation or injury!

Our therapist have advanced training in Orthopedic Massage. This training allows us to address and correct more complicated pain conditions than the average massage therapist. Some of these conditions include:

Carpal Tunnel

Rotator Cuff Injuries


Plantar Facsiitis

Muscle Tears

Chronic Migranes

Frozen Shoulder

Muscle Sprains & Strains

Chronic Hip Pain

Stiff Joints

Tennis & Golfers Elbow

SI Joint Dysfunction

Trigger Finger

Complicated Knee Conditions


Thoracic Outlet

Advanced Cervical Neck Conditions

Iliotibial  Band Syndrome


Anterior Compartment Syndrome

Chronic Back Pain

Just to name a few!  In our proffesional clinic we have saved several clients from surgery. Let us do the same for you.

With these advanced techniques and the ability to provide our clients with  proper self-care, we believe our therapist can “help you help yourself stay out of pain”.

Our Licensed Therapist are very flexable when it comes to availability so the following times are not set in stone.


Mon-Sat  7am-7pm

Sunday 1pm-5pm


60 min                                              $50

90 min                                              $65

90 min hot stone                          $75

90 min facial with massage      $75

Couples massage                           Just double the price

Call and ask about girls night out !!!!!

Anyone coming in with specific injuries we recommend a 90 minute massage to allow your therapist ample time to assess, balance and treat your condition.



  1. Do you have anything available tomorrow?

  2. James Hodgson MD says:

    I wish to schedule a massage for my wife and daughter. Your phone is not in service. Do you still schedule massages?

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